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The port of Sète, a dynamic port on a human scale

Since the law on the decentralization of ports, the port of Sète – Frontignan has been owned by the Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerranée region, which created the regional public establishment in 2007. Port of Sète Sud de Franceto manage its 3 port concessions: the commercial port, the fishing port and the marina. The Port of Sète is an SME-type structure with 95 employees, a real guarantee of responsiveness to the expectations of professional customers, yachtsmen and the Sète port community.

The Port of Sète is a real lever for development and economic growth, essential to the competitiveness of regional companies, and also acts as an interface between the various players whose development is directly or indirectly linked to the Port.

The support of the Occitanie region, the responsiveness of its staff and the cohesion of its port community are just some of the assets that the Port of Sète has at its disposal to remain competitive and constantly adapt to the needs and developments of its market.

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The port of Sète-Frontignan, an asset for the Occitanie region

The Occitanie region is France’s most attractive, not least because of its magnificent Mediterranean coastline. The Mediterranean, with its unique character, is and will increasingly be at the heart of the major challenges of the 21st century, thanks to its human dimension, its commercial exchanges, its relations with all the countries that border it, its tourist assets and the exceptional richness of its cultural and regional heritage.

Vue aérienne port de Sète-Fontignan

The vision that drives the Établissement Public Régional Port de Sète Sud de France, like that of the Port Authority, is a positive one, in the exclusive service of the general interest. Its priority objective is to meet the ecological challenges that require innovation, whether in terms of the sustainable development of the activities of the three ports of Sète-Frontignan, the quality of its services, the preservation of the environment or its energy transition.

A dynamic economic player on the Mediterranean coast, the port of Sète-Frontignan has a number of advantages: its geographical position in the heart of the Gulf of Lion, its natural features, its privileged nautical access, but also its diversity through its three ports: commercial, fishing and yachting, make it a regional player that counts.

the port, a key player in the economic development of the Occitanie Pyrénées/Méditerranée region

Impact socio economique Port de Sète

The port of Sète generates a significant number of direct and indirect jobs in the region. Port workers, sailors, employees of industrial companies and port-related services all contribute to the local economy. What’s more, the development of the port itself requires investment and infrastructure, which in turn stimulates economic activity in the region.

In short, the Port of Sète plays a key role as a regional economic player, supporting the fishing industry in the face of an unstable sector, promoting international trade, hosting industrial activities, supporting tourism and generating jobs. It thus contributes to the economic influence of the Occitanie region.


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