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Docks and solid ground

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the fishing port at the heart of the city

The fishing port of Sète is home to trawlers, numerous small-scale fishing boats and the largest fleet of tuna seiners in the Mediterranean, all of which are located in the city center. The approaches to the fishing quays and the platforms are managed by the Port of Sète and are essential to the success of the fishermen’s business.

The parking of fishing boats in the city center offers the town of Sète an undeniable tourist and economic attraction, and ensures that the history of Sète’s culture lives on.

In the heart of the city, the fishing platforms are regularly used, and numerous events take place throughout the year, such as the traditional festivities of Saint Peter’s Day, Saint Louis’ Day and Escale à Sète, as well as events organized by Sète’s associations and the capture of films and series promoting the city’s heritage and its port. Port Sud de France strives to do everything in its power to reconcile cultural and tourist activities with the best possible conditions for the fishing industry in the Port of Sète.


Docks and open spaces dedicated to fishing

quais port de pêche de Sète

The docks are intended solely for parking fishing boats.

If you are a fishing professional and would like to request a berth, please download the form below and send it to us by e-mail.

The fishing port’s open spaces can be made available for one-off events (associations, local authorities, etc.).

If you would like to make a request to organize an event on the fishing harbor, please download the form below and send it back to us by email so that we can study the feasibility according to the harbor’s operating constraints.

Environmental protection of our docks

Port Sud de France is committed to a strong policy of environmental protection, and has put in place resources to prevent pollution risks (blue brigade, boatage company).

You witness pollution:


Harbour master’s office:

Open 24/7

Teams at the Port of Sète – Sud de France have set up a collaborative system to monitor pollution risks.

QR Survey pollution

If you witness a spill, after notifying the Harbour Master’s Office, flash the code and fill in as much information as possible, so that our teams can locate and analyze the type of pollution to be cleaned up.

Together, let's preserve our sea!

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