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Environmental commitment

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the environmental commitment of the Port of Sète


an ambitious environmental policy

Our environmental objectives are defined in our 2021-2025 strategic plan, and more specifically in our Smart&Green port strategy.

This strategy is based on five objectives to be achieved by 2025:

1. A low-emission port

– Characterizing and reducing emissions
– Promoting low-emission mobility and transport
– Promoting the emergence of new energies

2. Energy transition

– Improving the energy performance of our equipment and buildings
– Developing alternative energies and the energy mix

3. Reduce our footprint on natural resources

– Combating overconsumption

– Reducing consumption through eco-design
– Raising awareness among our users

4. Developing the circular economy

– Reduce and recycle our waste
– Initiate a regional industrial economy approach

5. Preserving our natural environment and its biodiversity

– Improve the cleanliness of the lake
– More effective pollution control
– Taking biodiversity into account in our development



Since 2021, the energy market has been unstable. Nevertheless, the impacts of this crisis have been mitigated thanks to the energy transition actions already included in the “Smart&Green Port” priority axis of the Port of Sète’s 2021-2025 strategic project. With a new energy mix project, Port Sud de France intends to self-consume the energy produced at the Port, in order to free itself from market fluctuations. This solution will also make it possible to supply decarbonated energy to ships, thanks to the installation of dockside connection terminals.

The aim is to install 3 to 4 MW solar shading systems by 2025.

It is in this context that the sobriety actions undertaken become a priority.

Energy management

gérer l’énergie port de sète

Energy consumption dashboards are analyzed on a monthly basis to gain a better understanding of usage. For the Marina, Falco’s IOT technology already offers real-time detection of over-consumption by boats on the Môle Saint-Louis, alerting boaters, reducing the number of anomalies and consequently overall consumption.

A general supervision and management tool for energy and water consumption is also being developed and deployed throughout the port. This solution will enable our teams to manage the port’s resource requirements as effectively as possible.

Avoiding waste

éviter les gaspillages port de sète

Equipment settings and programming have been updated for winter 2022, accompanied by an awareness-raising campaign aimed at staff and occupants (temperature set at 19°C, turning off heaters in rooms that are seldom used, etc.).

The adaptation of outdoor lighting has also been reviewed, with programmed shutdowns in the middle of the night (Zone Halieutique Frontignan, Criée) or reduced intensities. Another example is the temporary shutdown of unused energy-consuming equipment, such as the ice machine and freezer at the Auction House.


Modernisation Port de Sète

Energy performance is an integral part of all equipment projects. To this end, all facilities delivered since 2021 have been fitted with LED lighting or a centralized technical management system (Criée, Plateforme Multimodale, Pôle Nautique), enabling energy consumption to be monitored and controlled. By 2024, the Port of Sète plans to replace its street lighting with LEDs, representing a potential saving of 75%.

Renovation work on the marina’s energy-efficient premises and sanitary facilities will incorporate solar hot water production systems to control and manage energy consumption.

Raising awareness

Sensibiliser les bons comportements Port de Sète

Individual behavior remains an important lever for savings. Raising awareness among staff and users of the impact of consumption on climate and economic change is an essential part of the Port of Sète’s strategy. That’s why, in addition to communication and awareness-raising campaigns, the company is committed to ensuring that the “price” of energy is as fair as possible, by banning flat-rate contracts in favor of individualized pricing.

Projects to promote sustainable development in the port of Sète


In 2022, Port Sud de France is once again committed to ISO 14001 certification for its 3 port activities, but has also highlighted its interest in protecting biodiversity through Port Propre Actif en Biodiversité certification at the Marina. This new certification guarantees the implementation of carefully considered actions, and testifies to Port Sud de France’s commitment to act in favor of local port biodiversity.

More than just recognition, these initiatives enable the port to analyze and anticipate its environmental impacts, and integrate sustainable development issues into its strategy.

This attention to the environment is reflected in the port’s day-to-day operations and guides its teams towards :

– Continuous improvement in environmental performance

– The integration of the port and its activities into the surrounding marine and terrestrial ecosystem.

ISO14001 Port de Sète
Port Propre Actif en biodiversité Port de Sète

Installation of photovoltaic panels

Port Sud de France has chosen to optimize the available roofs of its hangars by installing photovoltaic panels. By the end of 2021, more than 4 ha of solar cover will produce renewable energy equivalent to 2.5 times the annual consumption of Port Sud de France’s 3 ports. The Port of Sète has thus become a positive-energy port.

toitures photovoltaiques sur le port de sète

A fleet of 100% electric vehicles

véhicule électrique Port de Sète

To continue its drive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality in urban areas, Port Sud de France has renewed its vehicle fleet, systematically integrating GHG emission-free electric vehicles. Electrically-assisted bicycles have also been made available for intra-company travel.

A zero-plastic approach

septième continent port de Sète

The port has evolved its practices by opting for a 0-plastic approach developed across all its internal departments and during its external events. This approach raises awareness among our audiences, encouraging them to adopt eco-actions on a daily basis. This action is reinforced by the scientific and educational actions of the Expedition 7th Continent association, which has chosen the Port of Sète as its home port.

A cruising business, oriented towards rational development

The orientation of the 2021-2025 strategic project includes measures for better city-port integration. The port is focusing the development of its cruise business on smaller vessels (less than 240 m) and a limited number of passengers.

Excursions vertes port de sète

Excursion suggestions have also been renewed, with a focus on “green” excursions (canoeing, paddle-boarding, etc.). Berths on the Quai d’Alger and Môle Masselin are dedicated to these selective cruises. These measures are supported by the introduction of an incentive pricing policy for the most virtuous ships (based on their ESI score) and will be further enhanced in the coming years, with the gradual connection of ships to the quayside.

Sète pilot station goes green

Pilotes Port de Sète

In line with the Port’s sustainable development approach, the Sète Pilot Station is promoting the “green option”. The aim of this approach is to choose the most energy-efficient docking maneuver and thus reduce atmospheric emissions. Simulator tests show energy savings of up to 50% (in and out of ships).

A high-performance multimodal platform

The Port and the Region are investing in modern, competitive modal shift infrastructures that will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the logistics chain. This new platform will enable us to relaunch our lines and introduce a new horizontal loading system, which will boost productivity and save time, and open up new markets, as all shippers can use this type of loading system. It was against this backdrop that the Sète-Calais line was selected by the French government as part of the stimulus plan for the development of rail freeways, announced in July 2020 by Prime Minister Jean Castex.

The aim is to increase the number of trailers transiting by rail from 10,000 to 40,000 in the medium term, taking as many trucks off the road.


The electric pilot: Green Pilot

The Sète Pilot Station, in partnership with MGH, has developed the 1st electric pilot. This technological innovation, which won an award at the 8th Assises du Port du Futur, was delivered to the Port of Sète in 2022, to be tested for the rest of the year by Sète’s pilots.

Pilotine électrique port de Sète

The project was subsidized by the Occitanie Region as part of its Innovation program. For its part, Port Sud de France has lent its technical and financial support to the Green Pilot project by supplying the electric charging station located on the Quai du Maroc.

Diagnosis of marine biodiversity

In 2019, Port Sud de France, supported by the Agence de l’Eau, has entrusted SEABOOST with the ambitious mission of studying and understanding the ecological functionality of the waters of the Port of Sète. Several diving and analysis campaigns over 18 months have helped to characterize the port’s biodiversity along its 20 km of quays. Based on the knowledge and recommendations established by Seaboost, the port’s development takes into account the marine ecosystem in harmony with its environment.

A new generation of fishing catamarans

Catamaran de port de pêche de sète

New-generation fishing catamarans are equipped with the latest shipbuilding technology, including :

– An innovative foil, essential for using catamarans as fishing boats.

– The latest technology in hull construction with the infusion technique.

– These vessels are more economical and, above all, more environmentally friendly, with latest-generation engines. Fuel consumption is reduced, as are CO2 emissions.

These new fishing vessels are even more respectful of our working environment, which is the sea.

trophies in support of energy transition initiatives at the Port of Sète-Frontignan

Since 2015, the Port of Sète-Frontignan has received several awards for these initiatives and measures taken in favor of Sustainable Development and Energy Transition.

Shortsea 2015


2015 Short Sea & intermodality trophy for modal shift initiatives.

Assises port du Futur


Port of the Future Trophy 2018 (Ships category) – Green Pilot in collaboration with MGH, the world’s 1st electric pilot boat.

Assises port du Futur


Trophée Port du Futur 2019 (Vessels category) – GreenHarbour Zero-emission, multi-service port energy barge (Occitanie region)
Transition énergétique maritime


Maritime Energy Transition Award (TEM) presented by the Académie de Marine.

Assises port du Futur


Winner Port of the Future 2021 (Innovation category) – Acqua Smart Reuse Management, reclamation and complete recycling of wastewater at the Port of Sète

Assises port du Futur


Prix du Jury Port du Futur – HydroMer Hybrid Hydrogen Dredger Project (Occitanie Region)

Assises port du Futur


The Port of Sète has been chosen to host the 13th Assises Port du futur & Journées Méditerranéennes de l’AIPCN.

In 2023 , Cerema’s 13th Assises Port du Futur and the PIANC (World Association for Maritime and Inland Waterway Infrastructure) Mediterranean Days will be held jointly on October 25, 26 and 27, 2023 in Sète, in partnership with the Occitanie region and the Port of Sète – Sud de France.

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