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ecological transition: the top priority

The marina's environmental policy

Since 2011, the Sète marina has been committed to developing and renovating its facilities to meet the expectations of yachtsmen.

This transition has been accompanied by significant actions linked to Sustainable Development and the preservation of our natural environment and its biodiversity. This effort must be continued and intensified in the coming years by implementing :

In order to position itself as a strategic contributor and leader in the port environment, Port Sud de France is now committed to a combined approach of Greening its activities and Innovation.

The main thrusts of this approach for the yachting industry can be broken down into several structuring themes:

All these commitments are broken down into quantified objectives and actions that will be monitored on a regular basis. This virtuous approach , which is essential to the long-term survival and development of our yachting business, will contribute to the attractiveness of our port and help us to obtain ISO 14001, Clean Port and Clean Port Active in Biodiversity certificates.

I am committed to keeping to this 2025 roadmap, in collaboration with the agents on the yachting team.

Fabien LUAIS

Director, Sète Marina

Port propre - Actif en biodiversité

The marina of Sète, a clean port active in biodiversity

Our environmental certifications

In 2022, Port Sud de France not only renewed its ISO 14001 certification for its 3 port activities, but also highlighted its interest in protecting biodiversity through the Port Propre and Actif en Biodiversité certificate for its marina.

This certification is a guarantee of well-thought-out actions and testifies to the commitment of port managers who act in favor of local biodiversity in the port and its area of influence.

More than just recognition, these initiatives enable the port to analyze and integrate sustainable development issues into its strategy and day-to-day operations, guiding its teams and ecosystem towards continuous improvement in environmental performance.

A 5* port with the quality label for yachting

The introduction of a label is a token of commitment, demonstrating that the Sète marina aims to improve its operations, ensure the level of service provided and anticipate the changing needs of its yachtsmen.

This label is organized into 2 levels, the first of which is made up of a classification into 5 progressive rings, 5 levels of excellence relating to port management. The second, which begins in the 4th ring, is the Marque Qualité TourismeTM, whose criteria focus more on quality of welcome, communication… It’s the unique and coveted quality recognition created by the State in the tourism sector.

In 2019, after various audit phases, Le Port de Plaisance de Sète obtained the highest rating of the Qualité Plaisance label with 5*.

Logo Label Qualité Plaisance

Collaboration with the CPIE du Bassin de Thau

The Sète marina plays an important role in raising awareness and providing information on environmental protection to our boaters, users, partners and service providers.

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