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Finance to match the ambitions of the port of Sète

To achieve its objectives, substantial financial resources have been mobilised :
€ 200 million were invested from 2010 to 2014 allocated 50/50 between public investment (Region and PSF) and private investments.

  •  Among the investments made by PSF:
    • Commercial port : East entrance remodeling, purchase of a portico, new mobile cranes, bulk carrier terminal coating + 2 new cranes for the bulk terminal
    • Marina : realisation of a wavwscrean, regeneration of the Bassin du Midi, redevelopment of the quay d’Orient allowing the appearance of the pleasure craft in the port of Sète.
    • Fishing port : redevelopment of the wharf (quai de la Consignes), creation of a refrigerated area for the product sold in auction, redevelopment of the area of ​​activity of Frontignan.
  • Investment of private port operators
    • the creation of a fruit terminal by RTS,
    • a clinker grinding unit by Lagarge,
    • a grain silo by Centre grains,
    • an extension of fertiliser storage shed by Sea Invest,
    • the creation of a car terminal by Sintax Logistica
  • Investments by Region
    • extension of the J dock
    • ...

These investment €200M in 2015 to 2020 should be continued in the same public / private distribution.


Planning and development of the port of Sète

The Languedoc Roussillon region has included the development of the port of Sète in a comprehensive regional strategic plan by creation of different zones of activities and traffic in the port area.

Strategic plan

Port Sud de France has developed a strategic plan 2015-2020.

    • Supporting professionals of the port in the consolidation and development of their traffic
    • Developing container traffic, ferry, passengers
    • To encourage private investment
    • Commercialise new spaces
    • Develop passing clientele
    • Diversifying activities in yachting


    • Put in place long distances purchases
    • Optimise the development and commercialisation of Frontignan


Investment Programme 

Beyond these early achievements, the port of Sète continued its strong investments. 

The passenger division

Intended to develop the activity "Passenger" in the port of Sète in conditions of reliability, efficiency and quality. It represents € 40 million in investments. Marking deeply the port area, the passenger division had to reconcile urban integration criteria, architecture, landscape and operational functionality related to passenger traffic

Sète (Hérault) - le projet de gare maritime pour 2020 - janvier 2015. © Jacques Ferrier architectures / Ferrier production

© Jacques Ferrier architectures / Ferrier production Sète (Hérault) - le projet de gare maritime pour 2020 - janvier 2015.


The new quay H

The current container terminal covers 17,000 sqm. An extension is underway to achieve a storage area of ​​over 76,000 sqm on 1 January 2016.

As part of this project, the port realise a new quay H for berthing and treatment of cargo container storage on the side « Darse II ». This new dock also includes the pier of Lafarge Ciments, which achieves a linear 467 m of quay. The 300 m from the further north dock are able to accommodate general cargo ships. Besides cargo container, ro-ro (roll-on- roll-off) ships with a rear door (car carriers) may also be processed through the existing ramp at the end of the dock.
The more extreme south parts are concentrated on the cement boats.
This new quay will provide a draft of 14.5 m for ships with a length up to 260 m.

The technical solution adopted for the implementation of this new platform is a retaining wall. The quay wall is consistuted of a mixed piling and sheet piles. The backfilled materials is a volume of around 300,000 m3, these will comes from the reuse of dredged materials from past operations and stored in the port boundaries.
With a start the projeect in October 2011, the new wharf was delivered to the southern part in mid-2014. The delivery of the northern part is planned for mid-2015.
The overall cost of the works is €45M and is paid for by the Region.

Marina Extension 

The project :

  • optimise the existing spaces of the Port Saint Clair (+25 berths),
  • replacement of virtually all outages