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The Port of Sète on the road to becoming the ‘smart port’ of tomorrow

In the summer of 2021, the Port of Sète and the entire port community embarked on a new stage in the port’s evolution towards the “Smart Port” of tomorrow.

The Port of Sète has selected MGI’s Ci5 software for the digital management of its goods flows. The 5-year contract renews the long-standing partnership between the Port of Sète and MGI. This project was selected as part of the “Avenir Littoral” call for projects under the Plan Littoral 21, sponsored by the French government, the Occitanie region and the Caisse des Dépôts, focusing on innovation in the blue economy. It has received a grant of €85,395 from the Occitanie region.

The evolution of this innovative management system is fully in line with the 2021-2025 strategic project voted unanimously by the Board of Directors of Port Sud de France, under the chairmanship of Jean-Claude GAYSSOT in December 2019. The implementation of Ci5 is also part of the drive by Carole DELGA, President of the Occitanie Pyrénées-Méditerranée Region, to deploy a strategy focused on innovation and the challenges of ecological transition.

A major step forward in the innovation strategy of Occitanie’s No. 1 port, to respond effectively to the digital and environmental challenges of tomorrow.

This new CI5 platform meets port requirements for all goods handled at the Port of Sète: containers, trailers, bulk goods, livestock, etc.

To ensure undisturbed continuity of service, all agents and ship consignees, forwarding agents, carriers, cargo handlers, customs and port authorities have benefited from support in the implementation and operation of the new platform.

With Ci5, multiple paper declarations are avoided, facilitating and accelerating the passage of goods through the port, with a lower C02 contribution from port activities and its ecosystem.
Rémi JULIEN, Chairman of MGI’s Management Board, declared: “I am delighted to see the Sétoise community, a long-standing partner of MGI, join the Ci5 club. All of MGI’s employees are proud of this renewed trust, over the long term, for smoother, more efficient port crossings”.

Olivier CARMES, General Manager of Port Sud de France comments: “The introduction of Ci5 is a new step for the port community of Sète, which was one of the first to set up a Cargo Community System including bulk goods. It’s a further step in the expansion of the port’s service offering, combining efficiency and personalization. The notion of community is a strong one at Sète, as the entire port community is involved: agents, freight forwarders, shipping lines, shippers, customs and the port authority. MGI’s 5-year commitment is a sign of confidence in the port.

About MGI :
As a recognized expert in Cargo Community Systems (CCS), we innovate to facilitate and accelerate the exchange of information on goods between all private and public players. Our vision of “Connecting supply chains through an intelligent system enabling visibility and fluidity of goods door-to-door” has guided the development of Ci5.
ISO 27001-certified (Information Security Management), we support the ports of the future and logistics players in strengthening their competitiveness through the implementation of our solutions.

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