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Other traffic

Port infrastructure, equipment and know-how of the teams and port partners allow the transit of specific goods.

In this sector, the port addresses the diverse traffic: containers new vehicles, heavy goods, fruits and vegetables pallets. It is also a very well located platform for the import of exotic wood, Paper paste and local wood export and livestock.

Live stock

The port hosts the SPEAB, the European leader for livestock export. More than 150 000 head per year go towards North Africa.

The transit park for cattle for export is approved by the European Union (capacity of 1,000 cattle). The export center allows individual clearance of each animal.

Three boats can be loaded simultaneously at a rate of 300 cattle per hour per ship, in strict compliance with health rules. The SEPAB also manages the supply of hay, straw or food of livestock freighters.


The wine trade is a historic traffic for the Port of Sète. Unloading and loading operations of pinardiers (wine ships) are realised by means of a pipeline connected to the tanks.

Exceptional loads

The port is also a loading and unloading platform for some industrial equipment. Petroleum equipment and wind turbines are part of Sète port landscape. The Port tools, expertise and customer focus are key assets available to the port of Sète to process this kind of traffic.


Freight rolling

Two Ro / Ro (Roll on Roll Out) services serve the West Africa on a monthly call.

Another service serves the Morocco 2 times a week.

Since June 2012, a weekly rolling freigh cargo is in place with the port of Izmir, Turkey.

Lumber Products

Sète Harbour home of lumber transportation:

  • unloading logs for sawmills up on the port,
  • storage shed for paper pulp in transit.