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Port services


Mooring service

The team of Jean-Michel and Nicolas Albano is ready to intervene 24 / 24h and 365 days for docking operations, releasing, moving the ships through their equipment and expertise.
The mooring company of Sète, private but public interest, also helps the manager and the port authority in the anti-pollution fight and securing the port water ways.
10 dockers
5 power boats


Pilotage service

When a pilot arrives on the bridge of a ship and the words "To the captain's orders on the pilot advices" appear in the logbook, the legal relationship between the pilot and the master is established. The role of the pilot is to assist the captain by providing local expertise and offering timely advice for the ship's path.
The International Code on Standards of Training, Certification and Qualification for sailors, detained in 1995, said that the presence of a pilot on board does not relieve the Captain of its duties and obligations with respect to security of the ship.

In practice, it is the pilot who has the conduct of the ship, after exchanging information with the captain on navigation procedures, local conditions and the ship's characteristics.
In France, pilotage is a public service managed by pilots.

Anxious to meet these criteria requiring reliability and the highest level of service quality, Sète pilot station is certified by the ISO 9001 quality standard in its 2008 version.


Towing service

The TSM (Thomas Services Maritimes) towing and rescue is on the port of Sète the licensee company of approval for harbor towage.
Its missions are :
The assistance of ships during berthing and unberthing maneuvers, moving ships on request.
The fight against the fire, with its three tugs equipped with fire pumps FIFI
The assistance of ships in difficulty under the leadership of CROSS
Its means are defined by a « cahier des charges » (Description of services document) (Article 10A of the Port Police Regulations of Sète)

These three tugs are manned by 3 crews of 4 men.