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The improvement approach is reflected since 2002 by an ISO 9001 certification of the commercial port. This approach was extended in 2013 to the environmental dimension by an ISO 14001 certification of the 3 ports (commercial, fishing and boating) and the European certification "CWA clean port" Marina.

The port teams are currently working to extend the scope of this certification integrating the activities of the fishing port and marina.

• Fishing Port :

  • Management of a fish market
  • Sale of Crushed Ice
  • Careening (Hull cleaning)

• Marina :

  • Home of recreational boats
  • Careening (Hull Cleaning)

The research of this double certification for all of its business lines demonstrates the strong will of PSF : 

  • to guarantee optimal satisfaction every day to its customers,
  • and to develop its activities in controlling their environmental footprint.