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Sete auction is reserved for commercial activities, it is not for the general public or domestic use. Because of this clients must register with the administrative service: once the completed registration form and the necessary guarantees are in place, the buyer can make purchases.

Different types of buyers come daily to the auction.


Fishmongers both local, national and international

Retailers (fishmongers, restaurateurs etc.) or GMS using the product whole.

Wholesalers transforming the product in order to sell it.



Wholesaler shipping the products directly from the wholesalers, fishmongers or supermarkets.



These are the professionals who sell the products to the consumer: fishmongers, restaurateurs.

Currently Sète auction hosts daily about 50 buyers. The first half consists of retailers and wholesalers of the second and brokers.

Once the lots are purchased, they are supported by buyers themselves or by specialised transport companies in the seafood industry (see link directory). The quality of product is well preserved, which allows buyers to ship their customers products caught on the same day retaining maximum freshness.