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Regular lines

The port of Sète hosts regular routes with Europe and Africa.

Mediterranean Coast

• Morocco (Tangier, Nador, Casablanca)
• Algeria (Djen Djen-, Mostaganem)
• Romania (Constanta)
• Spain (Barcelona)
• Turkey (Istanbul, Borusan)
• France (Fos / Lavera)

West African coast

• Morocco (Casablanca)
• Senegal (Dakar)
• Cote d'Ivoire (Abidjan, San Pedro)
• Ghana (Tema, Takoradi)
• Benin (Cotonou)
• Togo (Lome)
• Nigeria (Lagos)

East coast of Africa

• Reunion Island (Port meeting)
• Comoros (Longoni)
• Mayotte (Moroni)
• Mozambique (Nacala)
• Madagascar (Diego Suarez)
• South Africa (Durban)

For more information, consult the brochure "Regular lines”

plaquette_lignes_regulieres_2015.pdf (4 Mo - .pdf)


Note that these maritime connections can change at any time. Are at your disposal for any information:

  • The sales department of Port Sud de France

Arnaud Rieutort

00 33 (0)4 67 46 31 01


  • Transit freight or port consignment

Pofessionnal directory

  • Maritime Union of port of Sète - UMPS