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Industrial bulk terminal

Carrying industrial dry bulk and liquids represent more than 2 million annual tons in the bulk sector.

Industrial bulk is transported or exported in vessels of up to 260 m long 13.50 m draft which load or unload up to 60 000 tonnes at each stop.

The importance of the industrial port of Sète is evidenced by the presence of many French and international industriel groups anchored close to or directly installed on its terminals. Among the main, we must mention: Lafarge, Timac Agro, Sibelco, British Petroleum and Sea Invest. ..

The port of Sète has a terminal to process large industrial flows through storage platforms, distribution, a conveyor-belt network and modern machinery. The bulk terminal can process a diverse range of products such as petroleum and chemicals, fertiliser, coke, coal, ash, bauxites, carbonates, or various bulk destined for the recycling industry.

The new wharf overlooking the southern part (dock H2) will be dedicated to the cement sector (delivery in 2016), investment that adds to those already made: acquisition of a new mobile crane with capacity of 120 tons, purchase of two Eurocrane new cranes with a capacity of 20 tons each and modernisation of the bulk terminal with its conveyor belt network.

Petrol Products

  • Refined petrol products destined for the petrol depot G.D.H (British Petroleum)
  • Storage Capacity 900 000 m²
  • Unloading of tankers up to 40 000 t by sea-line

Cement Terminal

  • Clincker grinding factory
  • Import of clinker, calcium, laterite, gypsum
  • Annual production capacity of 500 000 t
  • 467 m long Quay, for vessels with up to 14 m draft.


Solid Bulk

• Fertilisers, petroleum cokes, coals, ashes, bauxite, carbonates ...
• Ability to accommodate ships of 60,000 t
• Conveyor belts Network, newer tools, specialised storage sheds


Bassin Colbert

• Minerals and ores can be handled at Terminal Bulk carrier but also the dock G of Bassin Colbert via the new mobile crane
• Mobile crane with a capacity of 120 t

Informations  for berthing of vessels




Quai lengh

Depth of water

Petrol products



+15 m

Solid Fuels

Quai I

400 m

13,5 m

Minerals, Ores

Quai I

Quai G

400 m

370 m

13,5 m

12 m