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Container terminal

The port of Sète has a container terminal at the South East of the port, on the quay E. 

Current container terminal Features

  • Capacity : 20 000 EVP
  • Area : 2 ha
  • Lengh of the quay : 450m
  • Depth of the water : 11m
  • A ganty crane of a lift of 34 t à 35 m,
  • A new ganty crane over panamax of 60 t à 44 m,
  • A crane with automatic spreader
  • 120 reefers plugs


The current management of the terminal provides all the technical and human resources for an efficient and optimised management of stops.

Containers Terminal : extension 

An extension of the terminal is under construction and will be completed in 2017. This is to give the container terminal a higher capacity:

2015: gradual extension of the terminal area of 3.5 ha to 10 ha

2016: commissioning of a new container quay on the dock 2 with a length of 467m and a permitted draft of 13m50 (dock H)

2017: commissioning over 2 container cranes over panamax on this new dock


The container center will then be equipped to handle large cargo volume in a shorter time, to better meet to our customers requirements (180,000 TEU)