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Multimodale distribution

All transport modes (road, railway, river) participate in the management of flows of goods loaded or unloaded. To ensure better quality service "door to door”


8 Km from the motorway

40km intra- port railway lines

Immediate connection to the rail network of France

Road Network

Complementary to other modes of transport, the road transport is active in the commercial port with local infrastructures and a network of specialised companies. First of all, the motorway is 8 km away from the port by a direct road.

From this access point, the network reaches all major European economic regions. The 44 tons lorries are allowed in a 150km radius around the harbor.

The motorways A75 / A750 offer the feature of a connection to Paris via Clermont-Ferrand free of tolls on the Montpellier Clermont-Ferrand-Mont section.

Railway Network

The railway is a historic partner of the commercial port; so all storage platforms have one or more rail branches.

It offers first of all, the advantage of a short connection to the main railway line from the national grid enabling rapid management of trains between the port area and the main roads.

Rail-way port has a large and diverse capability with in particular a rail terminal dedicated to containers and trailers. They allow daily management of multiple trainload whether in bulk, containers, small volume boxes ...

The port strategy in favour of maritime inshore navigation and the motorways of the Sea take support on the equipment and train services for an effective complementarity with maritime transport for serving parts of Northern Europe.

The major national rail projects,namely the doubling of the ways between Nimes and Montpellier and the future realisation of the High Speed ​​Line (Ligne a grande vitesse LGV)) between Montpellier and Perpignan are likely to increase the transport capacity for freight from or to the port.

Canal du Rhône at Sète

The Canal du Rhône at Sète  is a major tool for the development of the port of Sète:

• The Canal du Rhone at Sete then the Rhone river and the Saone river give access to an area extending up to 600 km from the seaport of Sète.
• The canal also offers a development opportunity for the port de l’Ardoise located on the right bank of the Rhone river.

Major work is underway to support the development of the port of Sète reinforcing the second maritime commercial opportunity of the Rhone-Saone basin. The river system via the Rhône canal at Sète therefore benefits from an investment of € 100 million to increase its capacity of 1,500 tonnes to 2,500 tonnes