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The Hinterland

The area of influence of Sète port covers a radius of 250 km, spread over the regions Languedoc Roussillon and Midi Pyrenees. This is the second major French regions in terms of area. It is ranked 5th out of 14 major regions in terms of population, concentrating more than 5 million people, an active population of 2.4 million habitants. Thanks to its dynamism, its population grow each year by 1% (against 0.5% on average for the metropolitan area) making it the second most dynamic region of France.

If the Languedoc Roussillon is well positioned in the IT, health and viticulture, the dynamism of the Midi Pyrenees region is partly due to the growth of the aerospace and food processing that allows it to be in the top 3 of the French exporting region.